What The Empowerment Center Delivers:
Training and materials on Anti-Bullying and Life Skills and through
Trigger-Proof® Your Way To Success:12 Tools To Keep Your Cool and
Confidence which is based on a unique concept.  This training
actually shows students how to recognize their emotional triggers and
manage their reactions—from the inside.  Simply shifting focus from
external to internal can set students on a positive life course they
never dreamed possible.  The training will also be presented to parents, guardians, teachers, counselors and
faculty for a more complete education involving the entire community. 
There is also training for 11th grade called: Workplace Readiness Program, the adult version of Trigger-
Proof® to strengthen our workforce and create a fully functioning citizenship in America.   I originally created
the training for adults in the workplace who also have to deal with difficult situations with people who try to
"push their buttons."  
• Training for the Students: How to apply and successfully use the 12 Tools. 
• Training for Peer Counselors:  How to use the 12 Tools as a Peer Counselor.  
• In-Service Training for the Teachers, Counselors and Faculty: An Inservice training teaching the 12
Tools and the “key phrases” to help support students and staff.  
• Trigger-Proof Training for Parents/Guardians: Giving a one hour overview of the 12 Tools, and how
they can participate in using the tools to support their children presented to the Parent Teacher
Association or Student Advisory Council.
• In-depth Train the Trainers Certification:  More in-depth understanding and application of the 12 Tools
and how to use them as a certified trainer in schools and other educational institutions.
Participation in the training creates a more complete character education and civility awareness while
developing a more fully functioning workforce in the state of Florida beginning in the 4th grade. 
Trigger-Proof training continues in 6th and 11th grades progressively reinforcing the 12 Tools at each grade
level to help students transition successfully to college and the workplace.  Trigger-Proof training is also
provided to parents, guardians, teachers, counselors and school faculty so everyone can use the 12 Tools for
relationship building and stress management. 
BECON TV is currently producing 12 spots based on the Trigger-Proof tools which will be airing in 2012.
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